Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Earthquake : Penang also Feels It

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I am now still in the 24 hours study hall at our new library just behind the Hamzah Sendut I. Haven't take my lunch nor dinner and feeling like crying because I can't perform congregational prayer services. Not all Iranian guys here are Muslim and if they are Muslim perhaps they are not practicing or only pray three times daily prayer services. I am trying to finish my assignments and checking my thesis to be submitted to my supervisor. We feel the rocking twice. It is a small earthquake but not to the extent of what had happened in Japan or elsewhere. The first one was before 'Asr prayer service and the second one was after 'Asr prayer service. 

This event reminds me to the message in surah al-Zalzalah. It is just a little short surah but I found that nobody who loves to attack others exhibiting the fault of this surah as compared to longer surah maybe because they wanted to boast to people that they are 'academician'. What is that for? Can we bring anything like satisfaction and pride in the world to Him? This surah is about the destruction of the universe.

In the Name of Allah the Most Compassionate the Most Merciful

When the earth is rocking with a great rocking 1 And the earth sprays out heavy masses from its content 2 And human are asking among each other : "what is happening to this earth?" 3 At the day where the earth will talk on her condition 4 As Your Lord has indeed revealed to her as so 5  At the day where human will raise up from their graves in various appearance as to exhibit to them the fruits of their deeds 6 Thus, those who perform an atom of charity, he will see the retaliation 7 And those who commit an atom of evil deed, he will see the retaliation 8   

What the Lord is saying is also what I am listening now though this is just a small earthquake. People are talking among each other and at the beginning they are wondering among each other what is happening with this place? I guess our country is now also in the Pacific Fire Circle as we can feel the effects of the earthquake because our chairs are shaking here. I am reminding myself, brothers and sisters please do not harm the environment around us but be good to everyone and everything. The surah is talking about these too. We will receive the retaliation of our deeds. 


Dear Lord, I am waiting for Your promise. I am waiting for You to fulfill Your promises to your slaves. The earth is so close to the "Time" though we do not know it when, but You always know about this. It is in Your knowledge and wisdom. I am praying for the security and safety of myself and brothers and sisters through Your Mercy and Love. Protect my brothers and sisters and those who sinned me intentionally or unintentionally. Bring them together into Your Salvation. I apologize for my sins to brothers and sisters who know me and had mingled with me. I now I am a weird person and that is why I tried to avoid people but still people are approaching me only to realize that I am weird. Please forgive my sins, I am wishing for your forgiveness.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace and love amin!

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