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Useful Ways of Leading a Happy Life: Chapter 2

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah


Chapter two of this book deals with how to ward off anxieties and worries. I am experiencing all of these. I am sure dearly brothers and sisters are also experiencing this because we are all not perfect. Only Allah is Perfect. I had woke up late for night services for Him. I feel very sad, disappointed with myself, disgusted to look at my own face in the mirror and tortured because I had forgotten my position as His lowly slave. 

It happens because I lost the grip over my time since I am in an empty space and I am only depending on Allah without any brother (teacher) to guide me. After all, I also heard that my dad is driving to the north while he is not well because he feels bored and dull at home. Who says if we are married and having family we could be peaceful? I had seen many sorrows, physically and mentally tortured since I am a young child. I am sure others also experienced this but they don't share their stories widely to people because their situation might varies. Anything that other people do or experience does not apply to all people. Human also need friends and dad have lost all of his friends. When he was young, he used to mingle with his friends chatting and doing activities together. We can't easily develop friendship and friendship could easily end. 

Ya Allah... Your angels and other faithful brothers in my room are also witnessing me. I renew my declaration that You are the only True Friend of mine... You had befriend our patriarch Abraham a.s while he was alone and You also accompanied our beloved prophet Muhammad s.a.w while he was alone. I love You Lord, please forgive me I wake up late please don't leave alone, amin! 

I don't want to experience what my dad experienced. I feel so sad for him especially I can't accompany him to help guide him to see You in Your houses. Last few semesters I faced with few sorrows in the same time too which also includes my dad was affected by strokes until he's half paralyzed during Ramadan. I was so worried that I can't eat anything or drink anything. I threw out everything once I put something in my mouth. That's why I can't have my meals in front of brothers in my hostel. I don't want people to be affected and burdened because an unworthy creature like me :'( 

Chapter Two

It says among the means to wipe off anxieties due to nervousness and the preoccupation of the heart on sorrowful things is to keep ourselves busy with one activity that we like or another one is to seek knowledge. Why we keep ourselves busy? Because we want to distract our heart away from dwelling in anxieties. Activities like seeking the knowledge and knowing Allah will make us forget our grief and worry. As the result we will experience happiness and become cheerful again. This is actually something that we share with people of other faiths.

What makes us different from people of other faiths. A faithful Muslim will make intention to seek knowledge solely because to get Allah's pleasure. Whatever he does such as worldly acts which have good intention because of seeking the strength to worship Allah are due to his faith and sincerity only for Allah. This actually has an additional effect which wards off grief, worries, and anxieties through the Divine intervention. 

So many people today afflicted with permanent anxieties and sorrows. It comes the extent which makes him feeling very ill. The only cure is to forget the cause of sorrows and miseries. A person must make himself busy with normal activities. The activities which keep him busy should be something pleasing to himself. This will bring the person into his desired goal and all of knowledge only with Allah.

Among things to ward off worry and anxiety

1. Concentrate one's attention and concern only with present affairs.

2. Stop being anxious about future or grieving over the past.

3. Praying to Allah to protect one self from anxiety and grief (Bukhari n Muslim).

4. Anxiety and grief usually is a fear and concern over what will happen in the future. 
 A person should be the son of the moment.

5. Concentrate his energy and attention only for the betterment of the existing events and present moments.

6. Concentrate only the affairs of the moment is a necessary cause which leads to its accomplishment. 

Hope, Dependence to Allah and Working Hard

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w when he asks something from Allah, or when he guides the community at that time to ask specific things from Allah, he is advising them that prayers and supplication to Allah must be followed with hope in His favor. The same time, work hard and earnestly to achieve accomplishment of what had been asked or the removal of what had been asked to be removed from them.

The du'a to Allah should go side by side with action. A slave strives for what will benefit him in his Path and his worldly life. He asks his Lord to make him accomplish his need, and he seeks His help and intervention in that. 

Noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w said: "Strive for what will benefit you. Seek the help of Allah. Don't get incapacitated. If something afflicts you, don't say "if I had done such and such would have happened." But say: "This is the Decree of Allah. He does what He Wills". This is because "if" opens the act of the Devil". (Reported by Muslim) 

Our noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w advised us through this speech for us to join between two things:

I. Strive for useful things in all situations. 

Strive for the benefits of all situations. Seeking help of Allah and never surrender to incapacity as it is a harmful negligence.

II. Surrender to Allah the past events that have passed.

Witness in them the decree of Allah and His pre-destination.

Noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w has highlighted two categories of affairs: 

1. That a slave has ability to accomplish totally or partially, or those that can be completely avoided or at least lighten their burden. The slave should give his utmost effort and seek help of the Lord.

2. The affairs which the slave has no power over them. For this, the faithful slave must keep calm. Accept whatever come to him and surrender to Allah. This is a principle which complies with a definite mean to remove worry and grief beside achieving happiness.

Allah knows well... Finish this part and I had cried in front of the lappy until my chest get wet... Useless, hehehe.... :')

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin! 

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