Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Evening Notes: Frustrating Technical Problem

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I don't know what is the problem of internet connection today. It becomes very slow in here and I can't access any online TV or radio channel at all. I love to make notes from what I listened or watched as to make sure I could remember them and practicing them if they are in terms of lesson or religious lecture. Previously, I had lost some copies of the discussions that I had recorded in written form of Dr. Tariq Ramadan and Hirsi Ayan Ali regarding Islam and the identity of its adherents before 'Asr prayer service.  It's for my thesis and I need to be creative in this pressing times.

Suddenly a technical problem happens. The computer was shut down by itself and I have to listen and type it again, huhuhuhuuu. It's so frustrating but just think of it in a positive way though I feel macam nak jerit sampai dengar ke planet Marikh. Maybe I could understand more about the topics that I had typed and getting some more insights which are hidden in the discussion if I listen to it over and over. I try to abide to second sis' advice to take everything positively. I am aware about this but somehow we are ordinary human-being we tend to forget especially when we are alone. That's why I always pray to Allah to help remind me through ruhul qudus and through His revelation, the Quran.  

Around 18:22 I went down to Roti Bakar restaurant and having some 雲吞麵 wantan noodle. It's quite spicy and they put veggies in it. Some fish meat which I don't touch them because I don't know about the status but it was mixed in the noodle with veggies. Because it is a set dish so I could not complain and complicate matter. Just finish it and return to the hostel. I can perform ma'amad showering for ritual purity. It's better than mamak's style cuisine which I can't stand them more compared to the peranakan Chinese restaurant. I had eaten excessively while I returned home during early semester break. I just wanted to make my little sister happy so we went to have those stuffs which are forbidden for me. Now, I feel very heavy at my bones and it's not easy to return to the fitrah (nature) again.

Almost Maghrib prayer service, I must get ready for congregational service. After 'Isya that I could review everything again, Insha Allah.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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