Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Social Site and Propaganda Campaigns

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I am not a fan of social sites nor any social connecting network. It is actually not favorable to be connected to a lot of people while we are in the 'uzlah period and nobody should notice about our presence but I don't know. Perhaps I am not fully cleansed yet and I still feel filthy because I found that I don't like to hurt people when people invite us. I don't care about what people wanted to think about me. People perceptions are not always true but its the God whom we should always put in our consideration when doing anything. I joined a social site created by a Jew known as Zuckerberg. I don't like him not because he is a Jew. He created Facebook because he wanted to humiliate his ex-girlfriend. This is the reason why I don't like social sites. It could be used for evil purposes. 

Last few weeks I was invited by email to be connected in a social side twice. At the first time, I actually ignored it and just dumped the invitation into the thrash box of my email. But another invitation was sent. I don't know if it is automatic but after giving few thoughts, my mind suddenly flying to my two beloved nephews, Shafiq and Saffwan in Kedah. Their dad is the son of mum's eldest sister and mum had once took care of their dad and his eldest brother while she was schooling in the secondary school after their mother passed away.

I love these nephews so much and used to regard them as my closest family members though their dad always judging my family due to my parents' political view which inclines more to nationalism. Due to the spirit of nationalism, we had to abandon our identity as hybrid Arabs of sub-Indian continent for Malay identity since British occupation in our Sultanate as to give way to our nation-state. We were not well-educated in religion studies because our paternal side were facing problems of life and tests from Allah and I now realize it. I am trying to return to our tradition and trying to learn as much as I can for Allah sake beside trying to find our people because many of them are also strayed from the Path. Me, second sister and third sister were sent to religious secondary school but we did not finish them because of environment around and of course it was decreed by Allah. It does not mean that we're so dumb until we have no idea about our ancestor's religion even if we do not show our political inclination. I began to realize my responsibility toward Allah because of environment and of course it was because Allah who determines my heart to return. If not perhaps I would be a kafir and formally declared as a mortad, naudzubillahu min dzaalik. So, guidance is within Allah and not because of others. They are just the asbab to His guidance and mercy. We should be thankful to Allah for His Mercy and Guidance.

Before we go further in this post of what I think on social site, I am not a fan of any Palestinian nation or whatever nationalist movement or religious-tied nationalism propaganda. For me it is no difference to Zionism whatever movement it is. It does not mean that I am opposing human-right when I do not show my affiliation or sympathy toward Palestinian brothers and sisters but because I know who are they and I am aware about Jews and the late Sheikh Thantawi guidelines about Jews. 

Palestinians are just human-being the same as the Jews whom "modern country" was created in 1948 in the British Mandate. In this matter, I do not join this social network and trying to avoid from discourse about Palestini-Israeli issue and related campaigns like boycotting Jews products because I was told that Allah 'Azza wa Jalla hates hypocrisy and I am afraid of being a hypocrites before Him. Some people mentioned that we should boycott Jews product but how do we know that the products are maintained by Jews or Israelis? Some campaigns launched are still using the Jews' product so it does not reflect "walk your talk". I am not an anti-Jew or anti-Israeli and will never be an anti-Jew or anti-Israeli. I read Quran everyday and I just read about how Allah tell everybody (not only Jews) to be grateful to Him for His boundless Grace. I look at them as a mirror to myself. I do not look at them as those who were cursed by Allah (as the case of Devil). The Jews are human-being and they are full of imperfection because human nature is not perfect. They are not Devil nor demons. His curse may also be cast upon us if we disobey Him. And are we sure that we (Muslims or Christians) are clean in His view? On the other hand, I am not amazed to Einstein or any genius Jews at all. Because I know they are human-being despite of extreme exaggeration either on negative or positive side. Only Allah is the One who should receive the amazement. 

Last time before I went to further this current postgraduate in the university, I applied for a job in Starbuck Coffee while also working in a Chinese Muslim (in pretext of a Malay) restaurant. I talked with the supervisor about Jew products and he said that it is a franchise outlet. Now, we Muslims in this country are those who operate the business. My third sister lives and works in Saudi Arabia, she drinks Starbucks everyday as it is among restaurants in the King Fahd Hospital of Riyadh. When I was in third year undergraduate, my roommate Tarmizie (Beh Mijie) was a traditionalist-orthodox Muslim of Kelantan. He has a large picture of Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz at his bed side. While at that time, I never show my religious view though I have a huge respect to Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz. He used to paste the poster about boycotting American and Israeli products at our room's door but I have this question. How would we 100% avoid them in this era of globalization? 

I don't really know how to use the social site. I just randomly posting stuffs without really checking them, hahaha. Also keeping some pics that I wanted to print out. Blogging is more better cause we can throw everything inside of our head, hehehe. Feeling better because I also think that Allah and His noble angels are watching me typing everything but nobody could see my face or what am I doing. Regarding my thesis, I don't really think about a perfect thesis anymore. I just ramble everything that I found and think because I wanted to finish up with this studies.

I miss Shafiq and Saffwan. I don't give a damn about political parties. My leader is only Allah and anything in the pretext of defecating His Holiest Name we pray may it be banished by Lord. This site has also indirectly helped me to be connected and getting the number of my beloved nephews. Just thinking to delete it cause I had already gotten their numbers. I am afraid other Tabligh members in my current hostel would find it out because I am not comfortable to be known by many people. I remember that we met each other only during my beloved maternal grandma passed away. We only see each other at the cemetery but I can't talk much because I was so sad. My eyes sore and my throat was dry. This event actually follows another earlier event. I didn't do well in my O-Level and only after that I began to have a deep meditation and fasting (without eating or drinking days and nights). After that grandma passed away. Then grandpa passed away and dad was sacked from government office as a contract worker of a minister before he faced non-stop strokes until now. The reality of life is not as what we always think or want though many are also fortunate and getting what they want or desire :'( 

This verse from surah al-Fajr always echoing in my head... I love this beautiful verses among His glorious Words:

O the self in (complete) rest and satisfaction! 27 Return to your Lord, well-pleased and well-pleasing unto Him! 28 Enter you then among My honored slaves 29 And enter you into My paradise 30

From this post, I just wanted to say. It is not wrong to boycott anything. Boycott everything that we want but make sure that we walk our talk and using the right platform. We must be honest in term of external and internal. Whether with Muslim brethren or non-Muslim brethren it should reflect the same us. 

Sealed with payers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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