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Lecture : What Happens in the Mahshar?

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah


This topic is related to the fifth article of faith which is the faith in the Resurrection. The word al-Qiyamah of Arabic means Resurrection. It was mentioned by prophet Muhammad s.a.w during his discourse with an unknown man who was actually Archangel Gabriel a.s when the prophet sitting together with his companion in the masjid. I had a goosebumps when reading this hadith and suddenly I felt like something wrong in my heart that slowly turns me to be this Abdullah. What does Mahshar means? It means the place where all of the people will be together before the Judgement by the Holy Lord. It is the time for Justice. 

Description of Mahshar according to Sunnah

To describe the Mahshar, everything will be gathered in a place. Human, animal, genies and other creatures are all gathered together in the huge place. They will all be judged because of their deeds during their life before the universe being destroyed by His Will for the Judgement to come. Tirmidzi, Muslim, and Imam Ahmad mentioned that every cruelty of creatures will be judged. Animals or creatures crawling on the earth, flying above the sky, swimming in the sea and river will be judged just like you humans! In the Guarded Tablet, nothing will be left behind. Everything has been discreetly created and everything will also be assembled in the Mahshar and nobody could ever escape.

Hadith about animals will also being judged by the Lord, says Muhammad s.a.w: "An animal which has been tyrannized by its species will be compensated." Narrated by Abu Hurairah, Muhammad s.a.w says: "The rights of those who were tyrannized will be returned after the Resurrection. A goat with its broken horn caused by other goat will receive its compensation during the Resurrection and it will receive Justice." Although animals have no merits nor sins but they will still receive the Justice of the Lord in the hereafter and during the Resurrection.     

As human-being, we should also think zillion of times before we tyrannize others by hijacking others' rights or when thinking to commit evil deeds. The Lord orders everyone to make sure that a trust to be exercised on others who supposedly to receive it. For e.g, if we are a department manager in an organization, we should honestly protecting and monitoring our subordinates. The Lord will judge and ask us again during the Judgement after the Resurrection since He is the Fairest and the Most Just. Everybody will be brought together to the Mahshar and will be investigated on the deeds. Everything including our body parts will be talking to tell the truth and our voice will be muted. Deeds will be discreetly measured and calculated. There will be the Book of Deeds which is our personal file handed to us. Our deeds since little to our death bed are all recorded in the Book of Deeds.

The Glorious Quran mentions about Shahaadatul Jawareh which means that body parts will be witnesses to our own deeds. We have the faith in it since it is mentioned by the God in Surah al-Ghaashiyah verse 25 and 26.

Indeed, to Us they will be returned 25 Then it depends to Us on how to calculate their deeds (to judge them) 26

All of fussy things in our daily life are indeed being recorded by His servants as evidence during the Resurrection. We may look at them as fussy, but the Lord view them as crucial and important. Luqman al-Hakim who is a member of wisdom had advised his son: "Dear son, even though the things that you're doing is in the measurement of a mustard seed (if it is the smallest measurement that we have or even smallest), either good or evil, obedience or vices, in the cave, in the heavens or in the earth, remember always that your Lord will hand to you those deeds readily calculated. The God is very very discreet in His calculation and the Most Wise over everything." This is how a dad reminds his son or child for him not to look at his daily deeds as a fussy thing but being very sensitive and paying attention to it. 

In Surah al-Hijir verse 92-93, the God began the verse from verse 92 with the "swear" word. Says the God: "For your Lord will ask (investigate) you everything and one by one (after the Resurrection) 92 On what they had done (during their lifetime) 93

The Lord will ask from where does those grace came from?! How did you benefit and use those grace???! Where did you use those benefits???! The ustad mentions also about the evil traits in one self such as showing off, arrogance, feeling one self as so great over others will spoil every good deeds performed. 

The ustad ends this lecture with these words of wisdom: "All of human-being will perish but save the 'ailom (scholars). All of the 'ailom will perish but save those who are practicing with their scholarship. Those who are practicing will also perish but save those who are sincere! 

Adapted from lecture source : Ustad Sheikh Fadzil Hajji Awang

May I myself benefit from this and quickly repent to Allah A.W.J, inshaAllah. Sealed with prayers of mercy, peace, and love, amin!    

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