Saturday, 21 January 2012

CNY Eve 2012: Georgetown I

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah


I went down and saw the Yemeni guy who always pray in the congregational prayer in the musalla here. So we had our breakfast in Istimewa Nasik Kandaq. Just feel bored and brother Idris had returned home last night. I didn't really mingle closely with the brother beginning few semesters after two Indonesian brothers mingle with him. I just close with those who are alone due to that a friend for many is not a friend for one. I was not a popular student.  Now I am already a 26 years old kid and not a 19 years old one though I feel like one, haha.

I just don't like to be seen by people and that makes me doing everything alone. I also don't like it when people questioning me about Chinese heritage within me or asking me what am I talking about or whether I understand others speaking to me in ching chong language. If wanted to be friend, just accept whatever difference that we have. If can't I would first say tata... I also know how to speak in English. I was trained to translate Malay and English text in both languages during undergraduate time. Maybe my degree is not so significant as compared to others bombastic degrees but I am literate in English. We had phonetics class where we were forced to speak in British standard accent and we did oral interpretations. I just don't speak in English if I can avoid it due to social view and levels. I act and do everything according to levels and norm. Many Malaysians speaking in Chinese as well as English and Malay whether they are with or without Chinese heritage. We have Chinese National Schools here both primary and secondary level. Those without Chinese education could just be influenced by those around them. I have uncles, aunties, nephews, nieces, cousins and friends who also studied in Chinese stream though I'm not one of them.

I was heading to Georgetown this morning. Thought of buying train ticket to Central Thailand before transferring to Northern and visiting fellow Chinese Muslim mosque in Northern part perhaps by chance I could also hop the border to Yunnan. It's just a plan anyway and it was cancelled once I received the call from little sister that she's heading to Penang. She persuades me to do thesis at home. Last night I thought the thesis could go to h*ll cause it brings me nervous break down. It's not good for concentration during meditation and recitation of Quran. What happens in Georgetown while we are having our walk? Pictures talk, I'm too tired to type...

Ghat Lebuh China

Saint George

I gave fake details to the guide makchiks at the door and I get to enter this hall snapping pictures. I thought that it's free and open for everyone like another one known as the Assumption. Anyway it's a heritage building. Even if I didn't put fake name at the guestbook I still could get in. Just afraid I would raise worry to the makchiks. They are nice to me and offering me some pamphlets. I took only two of them. I don't have any problem with them like I had with Pak Adam, the Siak at USM mosque. Maybe Muslim of Indian descents could learn some manner when talking to people and treating people. Don't talk like you want to fight with people you are not sure about their status whether their faith or their appearance. I am a hybrid of a barbarian race myself because Middle Easterners descent are also considered by locals as barbarian and not purely native but I do practice Confucianism and local manner due to Buddhism influence when mingling with people I am not close with. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w also taught everyone to speak in nice manner to people as apart of prophetic noble morality. When we are closer enough then we could talk like friends. Click here for exterior building.  

Chinese Houses

Looks like Peranakan Chinese kind of house. It's just beside a clan temple that I had already visited. There are few clan temples around here.

Kwang Chow Kuanyim Teng

Lots of smokes here people burning prayer papers and incense sticks. It is quite hot and dry because of the smoke. Perhaps that's why Thai and Burmese Buddhist temples prohibit devotees to burn incense in their prayer hall. I had been here few times walking around and looking at people in there. I don't know if this is a Buddhist temple but a section at the right wing is dedicated to Buddhas while others look more related to Taoism.

Chinese New Year Little Parade

They have some lion dance and musical sounds there. Those people in costumes are depicting the Chinese gods pantheon known as Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity. They were actually stars personified into deities.

Hock Teck Cheng Sin Temple


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