Thursday, 8 December 2011

Problem with APEX University

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I've just heard about the news that our course for master degree perhaps will be closed. We only have two juniors in European studies where one of them is a MITI staff which makes him few years older than me. I don't really care about the course but I am afraid that I would have no time to finish up what ever that I had begin. I don't know what will happen to these students too whether they would have to transfer to other university or else.

The problem that they encountered regarding the course is that there is a lack of lecturers and our lecturers have also to handle more than two classes. They work hard for researches, co-curriculum activities for university staffs, and etc but they've only gain few points of merits with the burden that they have. The dean of Social Science department is also moving to Malaysian National University (UKM) and he has few students under his supervision too. Our previous International Political Economy has also moved to the ministry because he had applied to upgrade his post but those in human resource did nothing. We have very bad human resource here. 

This university is a university which has no campus in Kuala Lumpur and only have campuses in Penang Island, Kelantan and Trans Kerian. Technically they are in states administrated by opposition parties. The principle here is that if we do not support national side, we receive no assistance as it is to teach people not to vote wrong side. It also means that people have to embrace their "political religion". When the university has no campus in Kuala Lumpur, it would be difficult to apply help from Federal government institutions.

The fund for the courses for example Asian and European Studies under International and Diplomatic Relation courses? We do not know where does the money for APEX goes. Perhaps only those in Critical Science courses like Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and etc are receiving it but those in Humanities and Social Science are not receiving it. Our education system since long is for profit making and for human capital. But human capital which has no human spiritual values such as morality and we still could see problems in developed society because of the lack of morality.  If it benefits politicians and the chronies, then everything can moves smoothly. If not, then let it sunk down. Religion is also being tied to filthy politics. Because this is what Western world taught everyone that religion is something which would threaten them and their wipers though they had introduced the term of Secularism to explain the concept of what happened in their nation-state while it does not apply to every place. Not all of the people are with black heart like them.

I am not talking about our courses in Social Science only but this is representing all of the people in our institutions in the country. We are not protected since long even politicians care nothing but only doing things for their "own" benefits. Those slogans that they made are just baby talks. I wish some day He shows them Who He is according to His Will to these people because we are vulnerable here and we could do nothing except talking to ourselves and among ourselves. This 10th of Muharram really reflects what happens now and human are repeating the same history.

Our brothers in Humanities department such as in Hadith Sciences? I do not know what happen to them and we never actually notice their existence here in USM. I tried to apply for Hadith studies in Saudi Arabia too but the procedures are so tight and we were threatened with international laws which is prejudice with no reason like we care about the Western world and trying to Islamisize them. Stop being full of yourselves lar Western World, please lar! We are sick of your old same n lame dramas. We don't care about what you want to do with yourselves or wanted to be. 

Our job is only telling the people about Him and His message through prophethood. We do not force people and have no right or strength to force people. The job to provide Guidance, Wisdom and Enlightening are His job. Not ours... I guess if people here are not using Islam as their so-called Malay identity from being Sinified or whatever racist-nationalism teachings (false religion), perhaps the Islamic Center would be scrapped down too because it is a waste and makes no profit in term of technology and industrial-material development and causing them "sad" pocket. Those people above only looks at the physical sciences as the benchmark for civilization and not at spiritual sciences where in the end we will only have empty vessels with no soul and shameless society. Education policy, economic policy, employment policy and policies are all cross-cutting. For us people of "art" which is not apart of "science," we are not protected by the Constitution.

Sometimes, I wonder... Don't they feel ashamed of themselves calling themselves as people who believe in the God and Muhammad s.a.w prophethood and message when they are looking down at the spiritual sciences or people who observe the society and those involved in it? Muhammad s.a.w was not an engineer, not a politician who studied in Harvard like them, nor a professor who sought for phd certificates or professorship or studying chemistry, physics, biology, or doing researches in laboratories. He was just an orphan who received Enlightment from the God through the emissary of Archangel Gabriel a.s after he was sick looking at the situation of his city.

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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