Thursday, 3 November 2011

Relieved: I don't have to pull off my wisdom tooth, fyuhhhhhhh!

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Wisdom teeth above and below, I thought that I am already old but I had been told that this problem always happen to teenagers from the age of 18-25 years old. I don't think 25 years old is a teenage anymore but more to late teenage. I hate being a man my sins is increasing : (

I am quite relieved after returning from the dentist. I went for oral check at the campus' dentistry and the doctor said that I need not to pluck it out. The problem which caused me pain is the ulcer caused by the upper wisdom tooth. It is too long and stretching to the cheek flesh besides scratching it. So, here it is, the ulcer.  It's not because of the lower wisdom tooth that just newly emerged.

Sometimes when we face pain and sickness we would remember the God more intensely right. Even, Vladimir Lenin who was a Marxist that believed that "religion" is opium for people called for churches to call for prayers with bell and urging masjids to call for prayers with adzan when his country in danger. As for myself, I also tried to call family members or friends just to talk. But for friends I always feel that I am a selfish if I just talk with them when I am in pain. I don't like to be a burden for friends because they are not related to me by blood though I consider everyone brothers by soul. So, I called my little sister to talk about the solution of the problem regarding the wisdom tooth and she said that I would just have to bear with it. Mum also said the same. Perhaps it is also the pain which eliminates my little sins. I wish so. Then I just tell mum and sister to pray for me if I die though this pain is actually just a small pain. Everything that came to me just reminds me to death. It's not like I badly wanted to die. It's just an unavoidable fact no matter if we want it or not. We have no choice : ) I wonder if we also remember Him in all of the time whether in happiness, sadness, while we are scared, while we are courageous, and etc? 

The pain actually began since last four days but I just realized it last night. Last night I can't really sleep so I sent messages to few friends. I have some Malay acquaintances here but I don't feel close to them. Just telling friends that wisdom tooth sometimes could cause pain and reminding them to quickly see dentist if they have the same problem. I don't want people to experience same problem especially those I know. Before I went to the dentist, I was actually so afraid, hahahahaa. I went for the mosque and asking the God to forgive my sins if I have to pull out my wisdom tooth and if it bleeds me till death. I had been late to prayer services because of the world and I feel that I am so evil and shameless to the God. 

Anyway, I think it is a good experience for me though it's just a plain experience, hahaha. I always took everything even the lamest one as nice for me just to make it more fun for myself. I also love to listen to friend's story about plain things like some friends and acquaintances used to tell me. I think their experience though just plain ones but it has some significance in our life : )

The receptionist in the clinic was nice to me. A girl I don't know younger or older than me. Because she called me "adik" or little brother so I assume her as older than me. But later she just call me with my title in Malay which is enchik or mister after she handled my matrix card. I hate people calling me abang or older brother here in the musalla. Maybe those Malay kids are younger but I don't like to be called as abang. I just prefer to be called as saudara or equal brother. Usually only girls at home are calling me abang so I feel a little weird, hehehe. 

Not so many people there in dentistry so it's moving quite fast. I just wait there around 15 minutes and get to my turn. The dentist told me that there is an ulcer and infected area in my mouth. I just need to properly rinse my mouth with mild salt water and carefully clean my mouth after each meal. I don't have to pull out my lower wisdom tooth that just newly come out. She just repaired the sharp edges at my upper wisdom tooth and setting another appointment for next Wednesday at 9:00 where I have to come again to dentistry and repair more my tooth. Then she prescribed me two kinds of medications which are the pain-killer and antibiotics. 
The above one is Mefenamic Acid 250 mg which I have to take a tablet twice per day. Lower one is Bacampicillin HCI 400 mg, I have to finish the packet all in four or five days. Take it at the same time gap and a tablet twice per day. I just took tablets from each packet at 23:22. These drugs are controlled medications.

Last night I used mouthwasher and perhaps it irritates the ulcer. So, I avoid it today and just using salt water. I am actually very particular with cleanliness and hygiene even I would also make people around me to be particular with it. I used to wash my nephews and nieces stuffs like plates, toys and etc many times to prevent them from diseases. Their mum or dad never did that to them, hahaha. Parents should be careful with children health, it is important for them especially they will enter educational institutions. I learned about this from third sister's assignment too and it makes me more particular and strict especially when it is also related to religious rituals.  

Everyday when we still breath, the God is actually giving us some more opportunity to thank Him and to be grateful to Him. He is also Generous in term that He gave us the chance to repent and asking forgiveness. When we wake up from the bed, we must remember to say His Name in supplications:

With the Name of the God Who makes us alive and also makes us dead.

It implies that our faith is only with Him. He is our Guardian and also the Guardian for life and death. He protects us while we are sleeping either our soul or our mass. We offer thanks to Him for the chance to repent and bless us with the blessings for the future in the hereafter.

Already few days I just drink water and had some porridge. I can't find any place here selling porridge except at the fast food restaurant like McDonald or the Peranakan Chinese restaurant called Roti Bakar. I saw local Muslim Chinese having their lunch there so I just went into the restaurant because I believe they don't simply went in but they know about the restaurant. I already know few Myanmar workers in the restaurant. I love to make friend with migrant workers either from Myanmar, Vietnam, or Nepal. Most of them are nice though some of Malaysians said Nepalese or Vietnamese slaughtered dogs as their source of protein. As long as I don't see it myself, I don't want to believe it : ) I had took bus to Kuala Lumpur for my A-Level classes with these migrant workers. Most Malaysian possess cars or motorcycles so they don't really use public transport. Maybe we can see more expats and Malaysians in Light Rail Transit system or other rail systems in Kuala Lumpur.

Might be these migrant workers' country are third world countries unlike countries in Europe, Australia, the US or New Zealand so most of Malaysian who are working in the office and having good positions such as executives, engineers, doctors, lecturers looking down to them. I don't mind to sit with them. Even if people wanted to call me a Nepalese or a Myanmar or Vietnamese when I sit with them. I don't care. We are the same human-being, what differentiate us only sincerity to the God and only He and ourselves could determine it  : ) 

Hairan orang semua apabila bersembang akan berkata yang mereka hendak berhijrah ke negara di Eropah, Amerika Serikat, Australia, atau New Zealand tetapi tiada siapa pun teringin berhijrah ke Myanmar, Bhutan, atau Tibet. Saya suka Bhutan, Mongolia dan Tibet walaupun orang tak kenal dan berasa bahawa kawasan-kawasan tersebut tidak maju, hahaha.         

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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