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The Arabian Spring: Global Implications Part 3


Then, a China man asked a question on how about the relationship of law and democracy? Then Mr. Chaliand elaborated that to speak bluntly about China, the state capitalism has achieved remarkable growth, and it is achieved through democracy. 

We had also listened about China from a Chinese lady which is a friend of Miss Garudamejaiya who was introduced to me by Azren. We went for Queensbay last Thursday to celebrate Azren's graduation on the behalf of Miss Garudamejaiya. Thanks to Miss Garuda and Azren. Both of you are wonderful people that I have ever known. You people introduced me to many things and apart of it, indirectly being mentors too. I learned a lot about women thoughts from you people though all of my siblings including mum are women except me.

Say if democrat won in Tiananmen, they would perhaps not be well off with what is now happening in Chinese economic development. That kind of democracy is famous among NGOs but this is totally governmental. Yeltsin was a good leader and the US had set base at home in Russia until Mr. Putin said that, enough! Don't let the country being a hunting place for the US. And there is some mention about Prestroika and Glasnaut. Who's the most unsatisfied? Caucasians, the Balkh and other minorities. Democracy describes through Russian issue. And there will always be a shift of the world. This is related to the possibility of world power declination for example Russia, the US, and others. A relative decline for a certain power does not mean collapse, so don't bury people while they are alive.

In relation to Palestinian issue, perhaps kings and dictators in Middle East are in threat. However the king of Morocco is a legitimate heir of the prophet s.a.w and is smart enough to sense any social reform in the country so for this time, they are being fine without any problem.

The king of Jordan who claims as descending from the Hashemite on the other hand had almost losing power. This is the case of the previous Jordanian king, not king Abdullah. These people came from Saudi Arabia and being put as rulers by the US. They are not the kings for the country forever.

So, we people with the God as our King, see everything as temporary. Only if we are at the peak of 'power' that make us living in anxiety because everything in this universe is limited and having its due : ) Then, other things to be considered is geographic location of those countries. They are close to Palestine territory and most of their workers are foreigners. Are these foreigners happy? However, 'power' is nothing to be joking off in Saudi, and the Shi'ites are tightly watched there.

Lecturer Background

About Mr. Chaliand, he obtained his phd in Sorbonne, France. He has been a paticipant-observer in various guerilla and war-zones such as in Guinea Bissau (1966), Peru (1985), Iraq-Kurdistan (2001-02), Iraq (2009), Iran-Kurdistan (1980), Palestine (1969-1999), Myanmar (1990-1995) and few other countries. He has conducted field studies for over three decades in Northern Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East, American continent, Caucasus, Central Asia, and Russia. He lectured various Strategic Institute in Washington, Beijing, London, Madrid, Canberra, and Tokyo. He has written more than 40 books and over 20 of them were translated into English. This lists includes but not limited to it such as:

- History of Terrorism from Antiquity to al-Qaida (co-written with A. Blin), University of California Press, 2007.
- Mirrors of a Disaster: The Spanish Conquest of America, Transaction, Rutgers University Press. N. J. 2005.
- Nomadic Empires: From Mongolia to Danube, Transaction, Rutgers University Press, N. J. 2003. 

I had saw Frau Myer which was my German teacher and my ex-lecturer during first degree, Dr. Rokiah was also there listening to the talk. I'm lazy to greet them, but I think they still remember me and I actually respect them both. Also glad to see Dr. Rokiah is well. Last time she was absent and sick. I just went to mosque because the time for 'Asr congregational service had already passed. I am sad : ( 


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