Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Egyptian Movie : 'Asal Aswad

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

Egyptian movie had been very influential in Kedah around 1950s until early 1960s. Around 1960s, movies from India also penetrating Kedah state in the theaters imported by Chinese towkeh (businessman). A little town like in Kodiang of Kubang Pasu district also had a theater called Panggung Gembira Sentiasa

Presenting everyone a movie about American-Egyptian returning home to Egypt after 20 years stuck in the US. The title means Black Honey. The main character Misriy Sayyid el-'Arab (Muhammad Hilmy). His Arabic is kind of cute, hahaha. I tried to imitate him talking in Arabic with American accent while I am alone in the room and having a good laugh.


Basically this guy has American passport and nationality but he keep telling people that he is an Egyptian. And he speaks Arabic so people who had treated him well in the beginning turn to be harsh to him. Check at what happened in the passport control since he was convinced by the person who sits beside him to fill disembarkation card with Egyptian as his nationality because he told the guy that he is an Egyptian. 

There is also a scene about how dirty Egypt is when the driver who takes passenger at the airport throw out thrash from the window and the American-Egyptian stopped that guy from throwing thrashes out of the window. Not to forget low-cost ink used at the newspaper painted at his fingers, hahaha... Also scenes on how horrible Egyptians way of speaking English for e.g an English teacher pronounced class as keelaus... Thank you ferry mash... (Thank you very much). The character also has a tattoo if everyone notice that while watching.

Basically one doesn't have to understand the movie, because we can see their expression. Muhammad Hilmiy is one of my favorite actor, haha. I'm sorry to non-Arabic speaker, it's without subtitle. I wish everyone stumbled by enjoy different angles of view from Northern Africa and Mediterranean region. So, what everyone think about an Orthodox Muslim guy watching movies? I'm not following others but this is one of a way on how I observe the world and around. It's not only for entertainment while I am bored. It makes me feel wanted to visit Egypt too, omm ed-donya (mother of the world)... bahebbak awi awi : )

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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