Thursday, 27 October 2011


Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah

I can't eat anything since yesterday. There isn't much choice in our campus or around the campus and considering Penang is a hard place to find proper place for food though it boasts with it's Nasi Kandar and other Chinese cuisines. Well, it's hard for a person without a car nor motorcycle like me, hahaha... Most of Chinese cuisines around are non-halal even the vegetarian ones could still make people doubtful. I can't really take Indian food or anything related to it because they have too much spices. I already tried hard to adapt and I am not trying to be a pain in the ass but I can't...  I had threw out everything when I returned to my room from canteen, that was so embarrassing!!! Fortunately nobody saw me.

Usually I will only become a veggie. The rice at the canteen was horrible but I avoid complaining to the Malay makcik because she might had tried hard. One of a phd Filipino guy had also complained about the rice and side dishes cooked in other hostel. Usually when we do business in large scale this kind of situation is unavoidable. 

I think I need a refrigerator and also an electric pan or rice-cooker... We have department store here but I can't store those fresh stuffs nor cooking them. I'm sick of foods cooked at restaurants and I am just wasting money for something which would be thrown out... Urm, just see if I am crazy enough to carry those stuffs after I buy them...

First I would keep this recipe that I get from sites here for Sukiyaki... If I can't cook here I wanted to do it at home and dip my head into the pan, hahahaha... Need to modify the recipe because sake and mirin are non-halal...


Sukiyaki Sauce

100 ml vinegar (2/5 u.s. cup)
50 ml sweet soy sauce (1/5 u.s. cup)
50 ml soy sauce (1/5 u.s. cup)
2 tbsp sugar

Raw Items



白菜 Hakusai chinese cabbage
Negi (spring onion)
春菊 Shungiku (chrysanthemum)
椎茸 Shiitake mushrooms
榎茸 Enokitake mushrooms
小松菜 Komatsuna Japanese mustard spinach
糸蒟蒻 Ito konyaku Yam noodle

How to make?

Mix vinegar, sweet soy sauce with sugar. Boil them and wait until it simmer. Slice those raw items. Slice vegetables just to make it easy to eat and being placed into the pan. Put the sauce into the pan and put beef into sauce. Put chinese cabbage and tohu. Put ito konyaku but don't put it close to beef. Put mushrooms and mustard spinach. Put some more sukiyaki sauce when it began to dry up. Wait few minutes. We can also add eggs, have some rice and have some udon with it.    


I was just too hungry... Just had a bowl of vegetarian instant noodle and later dipping some wholemeal bread in it. I imagined that I am having Sukiyaki... hehehehe... Previously in the age of my ignorance, I sometimes ate Japanese style foods with those alcoholic stuffs mixed in them such as sake or mirin. I didn't care even if there were pork elements or other things though elders are religious and strict. We perhaps also cook raw things and eat them together. Usually we would do crazy things with second sister. 

We wasted our money in Japanese restaurants and watch movies in theater when we wanted to celebrate anything just to release our boredom and tense. Quite funny that last time, I guess around 7 years ago, second sister and I ate like swines in a Japanese restaurant in KLCC and both of us almost fainted when the bill came to us. We had to pay RM90 and before that we didn't bother to check prices at the menu... After that I drank all of the shoyu and mirin in the vases on the table because we paid expensively and we must appreciate our money. 

Though I didn't take fish for long and I have to avoid seafood now but I still could take those like seashells or abalone by closing my eyes. I will perform ritual bath and ablution after taking all of those stuffs in order to validate the performance of prayer services since we live in a country mixed with other population. Sometimes when I go to relatives houses, I would have to take whatever they give me as to be polite to them and it also include seafood. Abalone is expensive, yah!

At our home, only three persons have their appetite more to Indian whom are my dad, my younger sister, and my third sister. They are used to curry. For me, the way to cook curry at home is different with the way it is cooked at Mamak restaurant. They used too much spices in curry and the spices used are fierce. We only use spices which are light like cinnamon. Malay curry and Indian curry is quite different.  

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!

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