Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What is in Wealth?

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!


Now we continue the previous post. I have to jot all of this down since I would have piles of paper on this messy desk. 

Regarding Wealth

The ustad further said, who's the real rich man? There are three kind of rich men:

1) A rich man is a man a healthy man. When we are healthy, we can eat anything we like. If we are affected by diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and others we would have to avoid many things.

2) A rich man is a man without any debt. If we have a TV, we do not owe anything to get the TV. We buy it with full payment. If we have debt with the bank say when we buy the car, we would have to pay for every month. If we do not pay the car for three months, the bank would pull the car into their garage. If we have no capacity, don't get into debt. If we want to live in peace, stay away from debt and pay the debt. This is my personal opinion, all of us creatures are in no position to be rich no matter what happen. We owe the God for this life. The noble prophet Muhammad s.a.w talked about debt where he mentioned about the war to defend the land and His light from the darkness. A person in debt must ask the person who he is in debt for his permission before joining any war (if ones are soldiers). Because debt would be counted even after death, the descents of a person in debt must help the person in debt who passed away to release him or her from torments. A person in debt has a heavy responsibility. Try to stay away from debt as it makes us poor.

3) A rich man is a person who has good manner, and high in morality. Be in modesty when we walk and do not look up the sky when we walk (be arrogant). Look down the earth. Lower the voice and do not walk with pride holding up our chest. The most ugly voice is the voice of a donkey. This is a metaphor.... 

The most ugly voice is the voice of a donkey... The Quran mentions two kind of animals' voice... They are the rooster and the donkey. Elders said that when a rooster crowing at the break of the dawn, it sees the angels. It means that the sound wakes up the people and reminds everyone for Fajr prayer service. And then the voice of human who cries in repentance because of his or her sins. People above 50 years old always have the habit of waking up late at night. They have the problem to sleep. The God makes them having this difficulty to sleep, but they are easy to wake up in the morning. It is the fitrah (nature) for us to cover our salat that we had left since whoever knows. How many of us prays when we are 13 years old for example? 

Oops, I didn't really pray when I was 13 years old until at one stage I didn't believe in You, dear the God!!! I didn't like to pray and I hate people who talked to me about salat. Most of them always talked about the hell. I don't like them because of this since I didn't do any harm to others but they are those who hurt me. At that time I was influenced a little bit by people around, I just wanted to be like other kids. I should had ignore whatever people said but just perform my responsibility. In the end You are my Judge, dear Lord. Dear the God, please forgive me if I didn't perform this responsibility properly please don't hate me :'( :'( :'(

Regarding the Voice

And then the ustad mentioned, the God loves the voice of those who recites the Quran. What voice that the God does not prefer according to the interpretation of the verse in surah Luqman? The God does not prefer the voice of the donkey. It does not mean that the donkey is a bad animal or the God 'hates' the donkey. The donkey voice is a metaphor for the voice of those who love to rant. The donkey always do anything that it is asked to do. It does not know how to bend at the road. People could put many things on its back. But while it walks, it would have the voice which sounds like ranting voice. The verse implies that the God does not prefer those who rants. A wife for example, she cooks 10 dishes a day for her family but while she cooks she would rant this and that, she is tired of marriage and etc. But she still cooks. A person who prays behind the imam. He or she still prays but he or she rants in the heart when the imam recites longer surah. They do everything, but they rant in the same time. The God listens to anything inside our heart or anything that could be heard by mortal ears. He is All-Listening and All-Knowing.

It is already late... We may continue little by little insyaallah...

Sealed with salawat and prayers for peace, mercy, and love, amin!!

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