Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Succesful Farmers

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

Paddy Alor Setar. Source Pic - Absyar

This lecture is about farmers and those who are involved in agricultural field in conjunction to Farmers' Day recorded at the Masjid Darul Aman in Kedah state. It does not mean that we who are not involved in the field could not get some idea and benefit from it. Inspiration from the God comes in many ways, sometimes we assumed that it is a yawning bored lecture but there lies an inspiration from the God to us.

Kedah Sultanate is actually a state associated with agricultural activities. In our dialect which is also considered as our mother tongue, there are many native words describing our lifestyle and how we view the world. It is according to our environment. According to dad, his father was also involved in agricultural field such as in paddy field and collecting fertilizer from the hill. He was also involved in British administration being a clerk as he was a literate man, dealing with the Anak Bukit (royal) area but living a simple life. No matter how ugly our state is in people's eyes, it is our pride. We love the land. We always pray for the land although we are far from it may it be blessed by Allah 'Azza wa Jalla, our Lord. Many Arabs who have Kedah Malay mothers associate themselves more to the land than to paternal ancestral land as they never been educated in Southern Arabia but educated in the land so people could not differentiate us anymore from others. If there is a specific course about my state, Kedah Darul Aman, I would never take any course related to European Union or any other courses. I would like to contribute for my state and hoping for investments coming into my state. It does not matter if I get nothing for the study, but I would get satisfaction to see all of people in my state happy, prosperous and devoting themselves to the advancement of nation and practicing high morality : )

Some points about the lecture said that people involved in agriculture could pay tithe and the tithe would benefit others who need it to continue life and start making a living from it. Through technology development, tithe payment by farmers could be made twice a year. Now paddy could be harvested twice unlike in old days. To see how progressive we are in term of mind, we support anything good for the advancement of nation which do not conflict with the Quran and Sunnah. Things such as biotechnology is a good idea to develop agriculture and we may support it. Everybody should cooperate with each other, that is the hidden meaning of a congregation. When farmers paying tithe, others who receive the tithe would feel appreciated and having some hope to continue life.

Crops from paddy harvest could be channeled to the mosque and musallas for the benefit of congregation. Maybe a congregation could fixed their mosques, upgrading their mosque with facilities like library, meeting rooms, aircond, and etc. Farmers today actually are not stingy anymore. Those involved in agriculture together realize that their agricultural activities are meritorious deeds if it is done with correct intention only for Allah and for charity or service for the nation.

People involved in agriculture are in service for food production. Without farmers, who would produce crops for the population? Fishermen going to the sea facing stormy climate, some even waking up early to fish in the sea and forgetting to perform Fajr prayer service to the God. Their sacrifice and tough work brings benefit to population. Fishermen bring foods from the sea for the people who live in mountains. 

Intention must be good. Everyone must be hardworking and do not be lazy. If there is unused agricultural land, plant banana trees, vegetables, and other edible and useful herbs. Don't let it unused. I think we could also do this at home, but at my house the earth is quite rocky. We could only plant lemongrass. Allah's sustenance is everywhere and it only needs some efforts from creatures. Don't be balorq (lazy) and don't be liat (ass). An example of lazy farmer is that we can see their field is filled with weeds. They are lazy to put fertilizer and not trying to improve agricultural technique. Those who rear cows and goats, to see whether they are lazy or not, look at how skinny their cows and goats. They asked themselves why their cows and goats are skinny? In the same time they just let go their cows and goats roaming around without checking what those animals eat. - lecture by Ustad Ishaq Hajji 'Omar

I think in term of agriculture, we in Malaysia perhaps could also learn from Thailand. They are very advanced in it and they even have royal commission for agriculture and craft. In Malaysia, we also have some programmes in RTM channel 1 talking about agricultural technique. I don't like news regarding politics in the country aired in TV because I think it is stupid but those regarding agriculture and other beneficial activities are quite useful and could be brought into practice by all compatriots regardless religion and race. For us Muslims, we could do that to produce nice environment in our mosque and musallas. Regarding European Union (EU), I learned about their agricultural policies and I found that we could also learn something from them. Good things, we learn and adapt. Bad things just leave it behind sunken into the mud.  

Sealed with prayers for mercy, peace, and love, amin!   

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