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Mind Perception Game

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

Tuk Janggut's body hanged upside down after being exhibited around the capital of Kelantan Sultanate, Kota Bharu. Source Pic: Bodleian Library, Oxford University, UK. 

This is actually an excerpt from a lecture. Yesterday afternoon I didn't get to listen to the lecture in the radio on the first part. This lecture has three parts. For this second part too, unfortunately I didn't get to jot down nor listen almost all of the lecture but only some part at the end because I went for lunch. I missed almost all of the lecture except for few points. 

Oh, yeah... Yesterday I remembered I accompanied a junior who is five years older than me to Bukit Jambul getting a new printer for him. He fast for syawwal optional fasting yesterday and that was his last day. I just helped him to carry his printer since he only has a motorcycle. It's difficult to bring a box with a printer where we have to maintain the position of the ink tank. He didn't tell me in the beginning nor giving me some expectation that he really need somebody help to carry his new printer. I am so upset with this kind of attitude as I don't mind to help. I had learned patience during pilgrimage and furthermore he was fasting. Let everything go, just assume we please the God by helping a brother. We will feel at peace, amin!

This lecture was delivered by Ustad Ahmad Shukri at the Sultanah Bahiyah Polytechnic in Kulim district. Interestingly this lecture was integrated with national history studies for students. I think it is useful for my mini thesis too although indirectly so I better keep it here so I could review it besides reading other reminders to myself. We have to be creative and using everything that we have to carry our tasks. This is what I tried to tell some Tablighi brothers regarding their outing for da'awa. What had been proposed by their syeikh is a method, but that does not mean it could not be appropriated according to situation while retaining its context. I don't know how they understood it, perhaps they are young kids and I won't talk much if I feel that there is no necessity. Anyway I just say goodbye to everyone in this institution, I need to quickly finish my thesis. 

I don't want to be known nor remembered but only wishing for prayers to be saved and forgiven by the God through brotherhood and sisterhood spirit. If our path crossed, then we will meet again. If not, we still will meet but in the hereafter. Everybody is bound to it. Anyway, I just hope to see the God Glorious appearance. I don't think anybody care about each other in this world anymore so in the hereafter I only hope to see the God and hoping He is not angry with me but only His pleasure. 

From the portion of the ustad speech, he said that our states in Malaysia was colonized for more than 500 years. Malaysia history is quite complicated too as it was not a unified nation like today but consists of different sultanates or city-states with their own histories which could only be understood if we strand them one by one. It also applies to other new countries as well. Beginning with Portuguese conquest in 1515 in Malacca Sultanate. Malacca now is a state without any sultan but only a governor appointed by Federal government. And then the Dutch came to the Fort of Malacca replacing the Catholic Portuguese. Later, English came in from Britain into almost all of the states in Malayan Peninsula through trade company called the British East Indies Company but later getting the power to rule by subduing sultanates through their political chess. All of the states in Malaysia today getting their independence for about 53 years, it is only 10% of independence. We also have the issue about whether 'Malaysia' was colonized or not? This was raised through a statement by a professor in a higher education institution in Malaysia and polemics come too. My lecturer asked me questions too and I am lazy to answer this as I hate to be involved with this political matter, arghh.  

Ustad said, we must learn from history as we learn from mistakes of people who came before us. So, what I would like to say is that, try to reflect this... Whether we learn from what had been told to us about previous nations and people like the 'Aad, the Thamud, the Children of Israel, the Pharaoh who had tortured the children of Israel in Egypt? Or we just know how to curse people without watching our words, our attitude is no better than those people that we curse with our tongue? We must remember our tongue will be our witness in the hereafter. Everything will talk, we have no chance to lie though He knows everything. 

As for example, there is a figure who is a native in Kelantan Sultanate called Tuk Janggut. Kelantan Sultanate now is a state in eastern coast of Malaysia bordering Patani province of Southern Thailand. Tuk Janggut was brutally murdered by British administration in Kelantan. His real name is Hajji Muhammad Hassan bin Munas. He opposed British officer for the tax suddenly imposed on the land while before those officers came, people could live their simple life. 

Now, those who mumbled about Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and other immigrants in Britain as apart of immigration issue think back and don't just talk like a pile of bovine defecates. How do everyone think British behaved when they came to other people land imposing Common Law on people who practices Syariah laws? Wasn't it the same like those 'barbaric' Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who wanted to turn Britain into a Britishstan and trying to turn European women into ghosts in 'dark' hijab or burka jail?

The point is, why British and English 'suddenly' came to other people lands and later trying to seize other people lands if the concept of land is a possession of human by British and European nation-state concept? This question sounds more to Liberal thinking which is the idea that Europeans trying to impose that they are holding this idea. Before that, there was a treaty called the Anglo-Siamese Treaty, where Britain and the Kingdom of Siam had ratified in London in 9th of July 1909 where they had 'exchanged' sultanates of Malay natives without their consent for the Franco-British rivalry. Those countries were with native administrations and civilized even earlier than Europe. And another point is that, if British Isles and Europe in general were so civilized, they should just do business around Europe and Europeans do not have to roam like parasites to Asia, Africa, America, and Australasia plat. I believe if there were internet and immigration in the antiquities perhaps, we would also see many rambles about how these barbaric Europeans had come to other people place and behave so uncivilized. This is how some of European ingrates talk... So, Asia and other continents should also have their own standard of civilization. Don't just nod to people. Human proclaim themselves better than others are arrogant bunch of people. It has nothing to do with the teaching of Christ and a disgrace to the noble 'son' of the God, Jesus Christ. I hate politics but we can't run from it, especially when I have to think about Europe while I am not a European. Even if European nations offered me nationality, I would just say thanks. I don't need it, I love my beautiful state and sultanate although it has no snow, infamous nor having any pine tree.

How was Tuk Janggut being respected after being murdered? His body was hung upside down by British administration authority in 1915 after he died in a battle in a place called Kampong Pupoh. The body was exhibited for a week in order to give lessons to people who go against British. His house was burnt down. Now Britain is a country in EU. EU prohibited death sentence right and human rights. So, was that a civilized act?     

So, as to say, from the act of hanging the dead body of a person who go against imperial rule and exhibiting it to public, there lies the modus operandi of the West. They are trying to scare away people and letting them do anything they want. They would use all sort of chances and opportunities that they have. This is out of the lecture, I had read about late Hassan al-Banna, he was also suddenly being killed through leaders of his country, Egypt. He was just a plain person, he never try to gain any followers but people wanted to follow him. So, was that his fault for threatening others who were afraid their 'idols' or 'comfort' would be taken away from them? 

In 2003, the United States attacked Iraq. I did not agree with the late Saddam Hussein who also had massacred Kurdish minority brothers and sisters but last time wasn't he a puppet of the US? The US didn't actually attacked Iraq, but using Iraqi themselves. This is a global issue, I guess in International Studies many speculations would come up too. I hate to read or to listen all of this, but where should we go? This earth is only one, inhabited by human and other creatures since thousands, millions, whoever knows years ago. There are also pictures of prisoners being tied with wires, tortured, and others according to today's trend. It is to scare people not to go against imperial countries. Why need to dominate others or being so aggressive to maintain power? Only aggressive people are capable to survive? Where is the God? How does the children of Israel survived when they were oppressed by the Egyptian Pharaoh? Were they using force like the West? They don't even have any power nor force instead they had to run crossing the Red Sea to the Land of Cana'an.

In Malaysia, there are also historical events like 13th of May 1969. Last time my colleague when I worked a contract job had threatened Chinese speaker workers with this silly event just because of their jealousy regarding salary. This is what happened when people with SPM (O-Level) being appointed to hold an office and being called as 'officer.' There is MAGERAN (National Movement Council) after the 13th of May event. The five Rukun Negara had been forgotten. Today, people are playing mind perception game.

What is mind perception game? Mind perception game for example, there is a situation where it is close to an exam. Students in exam listened to rumors that there is ghost in the library so everyone do not go to the library to study or getting books for their examination. Weird too that in girl boarding school in Malaysia, we would encounter incidents like hysteria when it is near examination season... hahahahahaha, a classic example.

So, how is it teenagers? How could youngsters gain their maturity? Is it by getting girlfriend, boyfriend? Is it by losing virginity to a silly young man who thinks only with his knucklehead just to indicate that a girl is not a girl anymore? Teenagers should listen to both mainstream and alternative news. Later think and bring them into consideration. For example the constitution like the article 153. A special situation in Malaysia where we are of multiracial community. Before Malayan Peninsula ministering its path toward independence, the British had said that should any chaos or fight happened in the peninsula, they would reconsider again the independence. It shows that Britain were imposing multiculturalism on a new country which were its protectorate kingdoms. But now, we heard that British are also expressing dissatisfaction on those immigrant communities from South Asia with the notion that they are going to turn Britain into a Muslim country, lolll. You can ask people to be multicultural but you are afraid of your own policy. This is what I am trying to figure out in my mini thesis, and you know what, you people are making me dizzy with your inconsistencies. Tobat tak lapaq dah ngaji benda-benda ni semua, buat sakit kepala saja.

Ustad said, certain issue is being played according to certain perception for example by foreigners. So, children consider it. As for the constitution article 153, it states the rights of Malay natives in their states, other natives of non-Malay ethnicity and non-Malay ethnics being guaranteed protection by the Yang Dipertuan Agong. Article 3 (1) subbed under article 153 in the Malaysia constitution states that Islam is an official religion in the Federation of Malaysia but other religions could also been practiced by others in any part of the Federation. When people playing the perception game, they would only take half of the statement and playing it with their own perception. Hence, it is important for everybody to rationally think and not trapped in blind emotion.  

Students now could easily get access on these materials such as constitution and various of history books from book stores. It's not like students have to think a lot but it is enough to equip one selves with some knowledge. Take important notes for daily life. During the time of Datuk Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia, there was an urge for human capital where citizen must acquire higher education, and students must be equipped with morality. Say no to war for idols, no to enmity. Respect Allah 'Azza wa Jalla and the noble messenger of Allah, prophet Muhammad s.a.w.    

Lecture was adapted from the program produced by Hasmah Bahari, important points by Ustad Ahmad Shukri, part II. Wishing that it benefits everyone for Allah's pleasure, amin!

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love, amin!

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