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Comparative Politics Study Outline

Assalaamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah!

I had missed Dr. Azmel Tayeb's class last semester. He was one of my research methodology lecturer and quite helpful with his suggestions. I had planned to join his particular class for degree students to get some grasp about political studies in root level but unfortunately it clashed with my not finished German class. Such a waste. I don't know whether Dr. Azmil is still here because he's pursuing his further post-graduate studies and heard that his supervisor is somewhere in Australia so perhaps he's going for Australia too. 

I wish Dr. Azmel luck, success and thanking him for suggestions. Hope he doesn't feel bad when my proposal was rejected, it was not even his fault. It is a lesson for me, I learned a lot from all of them. I also would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Lye and Dr. Khoo. It is an honor to be a student under their supervision and guide. Thanks for the article in New York Times related to my research. I appreciate that too. Didn't get to reply his email yet as this Ramadan is quite hectic compared to last time though we are in semester break.
I analyzed again the course introduction and it's quite interesting. I'm going to keep it here for my personal study and search if I have time. Other than that, it would guide me to get those books in the library since I had already 'polluted', being an outcast, and could neither being recognized in any group of people be it religious or non-religious, hehehe. 

Objective of the Course:

- introducing students to important concepts in political science such as governance system, election, ideologies, nationalism, globalization, social movements, and etc.
- determining students to study in depth and critically analyze these political science concepts.
- students will be exposed to other countries' system of governance where those practical concepts implemented by the governments of those countries being studied and analyzed.
- understanding the details of the concepts introduced and implement the understanding in reality and not only in theory.
- making critical comparison on what had been covered through this course in the context of students' life as Malaysian.

Obligatory Reading Stuffs

- Comparative Politics: Domestic Responses to Global Challenges by Charles Hauss, International Edition.
- Short articles and papers' cutting prepared by lecturer and those kept in the university learning portal.
- Accessing free news of New York Times or BBC News.

Reading Sessions

Week 1st
- What is comparative politics? 
- What are its important concepts?
- How is it relevant to my life?

Week 2nd and 3rd
- Nation and state.

Week 4th
- WWE Death Match of the Week: Presidency v. Parliamentary
- The US (ch. 3 of the textbook) and Great Britain (ch. 4)

Week 5th 
- The hybrid system: Sacre bleu! 
- France (chapt. 5)

Week 6th
- Proportional representation & how to make car run on sauerkraut?
- Germany (chapt. 6)

Week 7th
- Communism that makes Marx roll over in his grave and die again!
- China (chapt. 10)

Week 8th 
- Nostalgic feeling about the good old days communism?
- Russia (and her former republics) (chap. 9)

Week 9th
- What of democracy is this? I just know how to demo!
- Indonesia (need to ask the lecturer, he is an expert in this topic)

Week 10th
- The festival of democracy in its fullest and most dysfunctional sense.
- India (chap. 12)

Week 11th
- We're Muslims but different. We even went to war to prove our point!
- Iran (chap. 13) and Iraq (chap. 14)

Week 12th
- The doc says weren't doing so well but we rather get the shaman's opinion instead.
- Nigeria (chap. 15) and Mexico (chap. 16)

Week 13th
- It's a small world after all.
- The EU and the ASEAN.
- Overview of international organizations and major global issues.

Outcomes of the course

- emphasizing on critical and analytical thinking ability so that people could see global social, political, and economic phenomenon with sharp and varied perspective.
- not accepting things at face value. 

Special thanks to Dr. Azmil for this course outline. I will inysa'allah, adapt this into my schedule in the semester to come as now the library is not functioning well. I regret for my inability to counter the limited time. I am so weak, dear the Lord!

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love, amin! 

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