Thursday, 18 August 2011

Argggh... Backpain!

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I actually sat down on the chair thinking on how to repair my research proposal in written term since my lecturer had asked me to send it to her before September. Been like this since few days ago. Well sitting in front of computer more than one hour is actually a torture for our muscle and back. It hurts my back, I can't bent down and it also prevents me from joining Taraweekh congregational prayer service besides the cold and fever.

So, I had been reading about health more since health is also a grace from Allah. We should keep His trust in good condition as to make sure that we do not return this trust which is our mass without any attempt to keep it in good condition. I read articles about backpain and this is one of it. Now only, I realize that I had tormented my back. So, please dear brothers and sisters take a good care of your health and never under-estimate any pain or disease. When you have little sickness or feeling pain at any part, don't be like me feeling shy to burden people in the clinic or hospital. Right away consult your doctors! Always doing some stretching or exercise although only five minutes in a day. It would do, to prevent you from neurological diseases and other pain. It is very important.

Other than that, my roommate, Mr. Jamal has messaged me that he was coming last morning assuming that I might be keeping a scout person in the room. So, I immediately cleaned up my room and packed my hygienic stuffs for worship purpose to Azren's room inside the campus. I would like to thank Azren and expressing gratitude for sheltering me for a night, may Allah bless you with His bountiful sustenance for your kindness. You already helped me a lot. I don't know what will happen to me if you're not there. I had already spent my nights last semesters like at the mosque stairs, under trees (I did cried to Allah alone under trees and reciting stories about our patriarch Abraham and Maryam the mother of Jesus Christ sufferings around mosque's area), under huts without walls and musalla when I had problem with previous roommates in previous room. I also felt like jumping down from 10th floor when I felt like nobody was beside me but the God had prevented it with His Words (Quranic verses) that I recite everyday.     

When staying in Azren's room, I managed to stay away from computer so I have more time revising Quranic verses and reciting it alone because Azren is working. I could take a walk and having some deep breath of unadulterated morning air after Fajr prayer which reminds me of my first degree times. I listened to some excerpts of Fajr lecture after the prayer from outside of the mosque and having some deep thought in silence despite the sound wasn't so clear to my ears. I returned to Azren's room and reading copies of my research's early parts. Jotting my idea manually and watched some TV to relax my mind. It's good for our spine when we do all of these as services to the God, haha.

Then I went to the mosque again for Maghrib service from there since it is closer than when I am in my hostel far across the road outside of the campus. I thought that I would be breaking my fast alone, drinking some milk and having biscuits that I bought from Maju Jaya Sungai Dua store at a hut near the mosque. Suddenly, two servants of Allah whom are a Pakistani and an Arab brothers accompanied me with some roti and mutton gravy. They took care the Arab Bazaar just beside the hut and maybe I had disturbed their common breaking fast place. Thanks Allah that they did not chase me away, instead generously inviting me for their meal. I pray may Allah bless them and be Merciful to them for their kindness. I am a nobody and I always think that I do not deserve warm and friendly treatment. However, when brothers spontaneously showing 'mercy,' it is actually the 'grace' from Allah in their selves because 'it' is in their heart.

I am thankful to Allah, tonight I can pray together in congregational manner and not alone. Thank You dear Allah for being Merciful letting me having this opportunity. I had listened news about deaths from my mum and also from Mijie who was my previous third year degree roommate. Mijie is still there as he works as a research assistant for Geography department. Many people died at a very young age. We will also following the footstep but we do not know when as it is in His wisdom. We could only pray that He shall be Merciful to us and never leaving us alone. As for me, I am already a loner without any close friend, childhood friend, or whom ever friend it is. I only have Allah. If Allah too leaving me, then I would only taste a 'real' death :'(    

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love, amin! 

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