Friday, 1 July 2011

Da'awa: Darul Arqam Singapore

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I spontaneously typed this out after watching TV al-Hijrah in a segment called Sinar Baru. It talks about Darul Arqam and it is a charitable organization. It is for my personal record and I hope to visit the center if I went down to Singapore, may Allah permits it. What I found interesting is that, it uses English as the medium for propagation as it is widely understood. Sometimes this small matter could also help to boost people understanding toward the path of the God.

I am glad to see that although Singapore has no 'Muslim' leaders but they still could run their organization to help reverts of Islam. I actually detest to call reverts as Muallaf. I believe that their faith is more strong than those who were born as 'Muslim' or identified as 'Muslim' in their ID. They have to face great tests.

The center also has a unique concept which is called as befriender whom are the volunteers to be friends and approaching the reverts for activities together. It seems almost the same like some karkons had done to me when they approached me but they had left me due to some constraints or many other factors like maybe shy. I had called some of them to read some books in private in my room not because I wanted to debate but I wanted to pay respect to their sages beside inviting angels and for Allah to bless my room and others around my room. I don't know what those karkons had to shy off from me because I was the one who feels shy to them. My iman is so weak that I always had struggles in my self and 'aqidah. I also have a very low-self esteem, well if I compare myself to them because I am not good in many things. I also believe Allah is placing hell on me because of my sins was so great toward Him. I know He is all Merciful, but maybe because I am just a lowly creature that made me feel unworthy.

Even now, I am also having struggles and I believe it will continue until I face the biggest test in this Universe which is the death. Everyday I am waiting for death and the resurrection but I am still not ready with my hideous self and poor practices in offerings to Allah. I actually don't blame those karkons. Instead I understand them. I am proud of them but I just feel bad when saying farewell as I had already expected but I keep mingling with people around instead of avoiding crowd. I am afraid of straying from silaturrahim after its establishment. I also prays for them to be in their jama'at that they had chosen to be may they not walk far from what they had said to me as I am witnessing everything under His holy view and always supporting whatever is good for the nations and humanity.

Sometimes I might be using some analogies or metaphors that might hurt others because they might be very hard to be understood. I will always apologize to everyone because Allah would never forgive me if everyone do not forgive me on my sins on them. That is normal, we are weak human. Allah is always perfect. That is why we adore Him, the Highest above all. Currently I am learning how to shout adzan because my voice would scare people away rather than calling people to pay homage to Him. I feel it is a must when we learned basic things regarding our worship to Allah.  

Today is Friday, the first of the holiest day in a week. Not all of the people are celebrating twice holy days but today is the beginning of holiest days for those who seek knowledge for practices and heart purification. Please recite salawat for prophet, his noble companions and his family and help me and other brethren in faith with your precious supplications if you happened to step in this humble site. I don't know how many people visiting here. I don't want to know because it is not a necessity. I assume that I am talking to my mind recording events around, lessons and expressing love to Lord. That's why I never put any detector.

This evening about 18 minutes before maghrib is actually a good time for supplications to Allah. You may supplicate in your heart and mentally even while walking or driving home. Please pray for everyone's iman to be strengthened by Allah through His guidance and ruhul quddus. We need brethren love and mercy in term of prayers. Many thanks for support. Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy and love. 

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