Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sunday Sightseeing 12th June Part IV

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!


Nagore Darga Syarif. I heard Tabligh kids said that this building is erected by the Barelvis to their teacher. These people are the opponents of the Deobandis and Tablighi Jama'at are an off-shoot of the Deobandi. The Barelvis are said to be those who prayed on the grave or venerating saints. I don't know how true is that, so many slanders around. But the practice of venerating saints is common in Indian sub-continent. It's also common in China.

When I heard some Middle Easterner Syeikhs talked in the videos about Tabligh Jama'at, they also said Tabligh Jama'at are the worshipers of their saint's tomb. Some who claimed themselves as salafis too commenting on people who chant dzikrs in majlis (ceremonies) as bida'ah (new invention). I read about tasawwuf or sufism, chanting dzikr after prayer services and everywhere I am but I never did those khurafat (superstitious) things like sitting on grave seeking inspiration or etc moreover after my repentance to Allah and now I'm seeking penance. I just hope to see Allah, I don't want anything anymore. Sometimes these people who condemn others are scary. They scare people away from Allah and His holy messengers.

We just chant dzikrs to please Allah, we also pray to Allah and never to His creatures. What is wrong and why those accusations always generalizing others? Is chanting dzikr remembering Allah after salaat and while we sit alone, stand alone, and everywhere we are, considered as bida'ah too? I read in Parah 16th of Quran that we must remember Allah morning and evening. Some of us are making the religion jumud (narrow) and leading to disunity. They are so ta'assub (extreme) toward their syeikhs' opinions. If something is wrong, then check the root. After that we could slowly and politely turn it down with Allah's help. Avoid condemning others but enlight the ignorance with manner. No need to be hostile unless if it is needed or when we are threatened. Spread His mercy and love to every creatures!  

The Ba-Junid store. We may get perfumes, 'oud, and other fragrances for majlis from the store. It is a Ba'alawi store. I would just get my myrhh and frankincense supplies from here next time. I suggest those who are interested in natural scents to get them here.

Already inside the bus at the main station. I took the bus from the jetty because I walked to find train ticket at the KTMB counter. I bought a train ticket to KL in the evening at three on 19th of June. 

It costs me about RM34. It is expensive but takes me longer time in the transport and I regret that. Next time I would just take express bus besides making sure to bring important stuffs like certificates and notes for research home. I hope my supervisor do not contact me but I would just make the review for research until next month.

This is how we finished half of our day today. I arrived at USM masjid near Sungai Dua around 14:00 and just performed Dzuhr prayer service in the mosque. Thank You Allah for the safe journey and I wish that it is not a waste of time. I just don't get the spirit if I stayed in the room, dear Lord. I pray that Allah make this walk and sightseeing as a jihad for myself, brothers, and sisters. Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy and love for brothers and sisters.

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