Thursday, 16 June 2011

Some Basic Kitabs for Tawheed Lessons

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

I had jot down few kitabs for basic lessons regarding tawheed (monotheism) and syirk (polytheism) from Saudi authority publications other than Kitab at-Tawheed. Just for additional knowledge anyway.  Not all of Hanbalis are aggressive like in Saudi Arabia, everyone should note that. 

I just talked with a Tablighi brother whom I offer shelter in my room last night because he had already giving up his room to the office as he had finished his term but not his thesis. He was confused and couldn't differentiate a plain Hanbali and a Wahhabi who also claim themselves as Salafis. Salafi was actually a wide term, and being associated with the Hanbali school of jurisprudence.  I think many people too facing the same problem.

Later it is only associated with the Wahhabis who had bombed few historical places in Holy Land as to make it easy for them. Terms are sometimes confusing and not good for the unity. We denounce violence to humanity or any other creatures of Allah!!! Everyone must equally receive His mercy and love!

We need to always bear in mind that the Saudis are using Hanbali jurisprudence in legal term. Anything that they talk are actually in the framework of Hanbali madzhab. I personally believe that no one should claim that they are better over another and refrain from being aggressive over others without any rights. Respect all of the Four Imams equally. I can't find the hard copy of these kitab. I tried to ask few friends from an Islamic forum to help me out but the forum had already been closed.

1. Kashfusy-Syubahaat fit-Tawheed (Detection of Doubtfulness in Monotheism) - Muhammad b. Abdul Wahhab
2. Al-Usul ath-Thalathah (Three Fundamental Principles) - Muhammad b. Abdul Wahhab
3. Al-'Aqidah Wasathiyyah (Moderate Doctrine) - Ibnu Taimiyyah
4. Ad-Duruus al-Muhimmah li-'Ammah al-Ummah (the Important Lessons for the Public and Nation) - Abdul 'Azeez Abdullah b. Baaz

Salawat for prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his family and his companion. Happy celebrating weekly celebration, Friday and congratulations for those who had observed sunnah fasting yesterday. May you be blessed with His boundless blessings. Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy and love.

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