Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Return Home: Dad feels dull

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

Just heard that dad lost his way at Alamanda this noon... He left the car which he drives to the complex and bought a bicycle. Everybody was worried about him. I just packed my stuffs and simply walked to the bus stand to return home. 

Maybe I would plan other rehlah (trips) and da'awah for myself from home and finishing literature reviews rather than in the hostel since my supervisor had asked me to finish with first three chapters before showing her the outcomes.  A lawyer she is and I am quite worried when dealing with lawyers, haha.

At last I found a TV. Just sitting on the floor and watching the TV, just ignore everyone's eyes, I don't care whatever people want to think about me. Too many ethics sometimes constraining us.

I do understand, dad must feel dull. Our time will come too where we would be like that. When we finish our responsibility with job, we might lost friends surrounding us. Men function differently than women. They might be facing depression after resting from job since men mingles more with friends rather than with their family although they are married.

It's already 21:00 shops begin to be closed, nothing interesting there anyway. I don't like to shop in the airport.

Why I could say this? It's not that because I am male myself. I had seen people around me like eldest brother in law. And of course my dad. They have activities together with friends like playing soccer or just hanging around at mamak restaurants. During dad's younger time when he worked, he hangs out with friends at mamak stalls too. The place where they hang out is still the same but the brand might be different according to period of time. Brother in law is the mirror of a young married and career men. Dad represents the retired ones.

These kind of brochures save your money a lot compared to Lonely Planet book that you buy only to explore Penang, hahaha. You can use your money to try new things in Penang Island that you can't see in your hometown.

I'm just taking the flight home. Goshhh!!! AirAsia is not as cheap as it is when we book the ticket in rush. I've got to pay RM156.50 and the flight is only at 23:00. Well, it's comfortable compared to train or bus but maybe not a wise option for domestic travel if we want to have a budget one. Penang airport is still in renovation, and I noticed that after I saw it's clumsy condition when the bus reached the departure hall. Rapid Penang to the airport no. is 102 and it stops just in front of the airport building, so don't worry too much if you travel alone without company. I just hope I could help loners like me who happens to step in this humble site. For USM students or anyone going for the airport from USM, take this bus from Batu Uban gate, cross the road first and of course there is a flyover. Vehicles are crazy here. The bus fare is as usual, RM2 according to today's rate. 

Guides on what you can try in Penang in term of local cuisine and traveling around World Heritage Sites. Anyway, I'm bored of Khaleel, Pelita or Istimewa Mee Goreng or Roti Chanei. Nasik Kandaq today is not fresh like those days, so I don't like it too. I didn't really care about my food last time. I just eat any where without taking notes on who is the cook or the cleanliness I mean according to ritual manner when preparing the food, the cook must be a Muslim according to our rites. Last time I didn't take beef or other type of meats just like few Orthodox Hindus because of Buddhism influence, being a vegetarian and the food must at least be sattvik (light) to memorize mantras and gathas. There are few classifications for food for person who perform meditations. Now I still don't eat fishes including avoiding seafood according to my current madzhab angle of sunnah because I need to be in ablution state of purity most of the time. I don't avoid meat anymore but still we eat limited meat because we are poor. Only affluent could afford meat in their daily menu.

I've got new leaflets promoting Penang Tourism and Heritage. They are everywhere in the airport building. Unfortunately I won't be here in Penang for July since July is close to Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. It is in the eighth month of lunar calendar where the hell gate down there will be opened and it releases restless spirits from the hell roaming around. When I was little, I used to watch Chinese Opera and also listening to Chinese Urban Legends about incidents in the months. I miss 林正英 Lam Ching Ying movies. His character as Taoist priest was awesome. Never feel bored watching him in that character even in many movies it would be the same. Anyway, those are just cultural superstitious around us and this is Malaysia. I don't take them seriously anymore after growing up, lolollollllllllllll...

Mum's cousin sister who works in the airport is giving me some bread and bubur Durian, haiyoyooo. How am I going to bring it into the plane? I don't eat Durian neither and I'm sure she knows about that. Maybe she wants to send it to mum. They have free wi-fi here in the waiting hall so am just benefiting the infrastructure that we have. Malaysian loves free things, maybe not all but it is normal here... hehe. 

If anyone in the airport including the airport police asking you to bring something for their friend, just refuse and leave them!! Don't ever think of politeness because it might drag you to be drug smugglers. If they force you to do so, just run your way to the police station in the airport and make a report!!! An airport police officer just asked me to bring some medication for his friend and pass it when I reach LCCT. I don't know him so I just refuse him. I'm always reciting ma'thurat and my instinct says that don't take the package. I believe that, and I just walked passed the 'officer.' The package shows that it contains seabuckthorn capsules. I know about the medication but better be cautious than sorry.  

Sealed with prayers for peace, mercy, and love for brothers and sisters in faith. God bless! 


  1. i am more comfortable alone though i find surrounded by friends is cool too.

    as for keeping relationship, i just have to thank FB for relaying the happenings of friends that i dont usually contact. i do tend to lose friends due to lack of upkeep.

  2. well, a friend for many is not a friend for one. a fren for one is not a fren for many.

    i also have the same feeling like you, brother. somehow i feel it's cool to be surrounded by frens but when i'm with the people i would feel uncomfortable. maybe i'm a secretive kind of person. i would just approach those who are alone, bringing them into community and later i would leave him. haha


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