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Islamic Innovation Carnival: National Mosque 2nd of June 2011

Assalaamu'alaikum wa Rahmatullah!

It wasn't planned but mum suddenly said that she wants to go for the national mosque because she heard like there was a majlis (ceremony) for yaasin recitation after the maghrib prayer service. It is a norm here in Malaysia where muslims of syafi'ie school reciting yaasin in a group with an appointed imam. 

I would usually recite yaasin alone in my compartment before maghrib service prayer on Friday evening as it is the time for Sibtis Salaam (Peaceful Saturday) for some of us. The time for the day to change is actually after 'asr. In the beginning, the Tabligh guys like respective brother Fridaus tried to tasykil me, I always avoid them because of my personal services at that time. I am aware about 'amal infiradi (personal practices) or ijtima'i (group practices) but I don't have people in common with me at that time.  When some Tabligh guys talking about certain things during their bayaan (lecture), I felt that myself is so disgusting and felt myself as an irresponsible creature; that I might not spreading da'awa to other. 

As for us, we terminologically assume da'awa as a kind of community service for the God and spreading mercy of the Lord to brethren and fellow creatures. It is a very serious job for us and the priority of da'awa is more important than our own life as it contains the love of Allah to others. We also perform khuruj (outing) but we do not specifically put any time-frame for that. We would do it even when we are working, in our daily life. And some of us perform it in primitive forms and in disguise where we would have to risk our own iman for that like what I had experienced with my few friends during our bachelor time as an example of da'awa. I had mingled with thugs and people who thought that Allah has no mercy to them while actually they just did not realize that.

Sometimes I would go for the usm mosque and joining the halaqah of the mid east jama'ah in the gap time between maghrib and 'isyaa' prayer services. Some of them actually familiar with my face due to that I began to join them since my bachelor time and they recite hadiths or sunnah, tajweed kitaab, and other kitaab as well. On Thursday evening, I would recite surah al-Kahfi. And other nights whenever I am free, I would strengthen memorization of other suras to please Allah.

I also felt that some of them are competing among each other to 'convert' me to be apart of their congregation. But that maybe just my paranoia. I just slowly tolerated brother Firdaus after I received a reply message from him at 3rd of April when we sms-d about iman-'amal and I was touched by his word and because I could feel his conscience at that time. In the beginning around February this year, I could say that I was actually angry because he told me to join the persuasion session in usm mosque but he didn't tell me that it was a persuasion session. The day where I vomit out behind the shops at Sungai Dua after having some tray lunch.

I pray to the Lord that he and his friends are still practicing whatever that they had learned while spending their time with the particular congregation or jama'at. When performing something, we must try to be istiqamah (consistent) and pray for that. I heard few stories from ustads and ustazas (teachers) in our neighborhood mosque about some people who joined the jama'at but when they are away, they turned to be different. 

I am also afraid when I heard that not only for myself but also for my brothers and sisters. I don't want that to happen to anyone. May Allah prevents that happened to those brothers and also to everyone including myself, na'udzubillahu min dzaalik. I still remember whatever I said to others and I could also remember what others said to me. I have plenty of times to muse again and think while meditating alone. I would also make notes because it is a personal custom for me to jot down everything that I could remember as a record and for honesty in front of the Lord when it is regarding the services to Him.    

I managed to capture some memory from the carnival. Well, we also persuaded my lil' sister to the mosque. She's just 22 years old and most kids at this age only think about leisure. When we explain to them about our Quranic teachings, Sunnah (tradition), and 'Adat (customs). And they would question us; why do they have to follow those practices? Why can't they enjoy with their life with their friends male and female? So, patience and du'a (supplications) indeed are crucial. 

Lil' sis love to surf the net and her choice of site is of course Facebook, just like other teenagers. Sometimes I could see they attach pictures of their selves with various of weird face expression just to be commented. As for me, that would also expose us to evil eyes. I usually would also avoid from my pictures to be taken because I wanted to avoid evil eyes. It is not only harmful to physical but also to our soul. That is why I have no memory with colleagues nor friends. 

Facebook is just a waste of time and would turn to be a shaytaan (demon) when we tend to forget Him after excessively attached to it and we do not benefit it to remember Him. Satan does not have to be the specific satan, but could be in many forms. Another term for that is Thaghut (idolatries). Go to the mosque or musalla and remember Him with various beneficial activities and services for our selves like strengthening our iman or seeking knowledge during free time. Develop friendship and amity there, may everyone receives His blessings and grace. This is also an advice for my self, may I not forget.

 Many cars before the roundabout at the KTMB building

I thought of climbing up the mosque from here but dad suddenly wants to cross the Agong's car because he wants to see what happened up there. I don't like to walk near affluent or famous people nor their belongings. I just have bad feeling, but I do realize that this current Agong is quite a religious person.

The bilal (caller for prayer) began to shout iqamat (the call to stand) for others near the mihrab. People there wearing national dress Baju Melayu but we just wear normal dress like we always wear at home, haha. I'm not comfortable in crowds and don't like to be formal.

Some booths representing government sub-organizations like religious departments of the states and Muslim NGOs.
Paintings written with Arabic script and other abstract paintings displayed at a booth.
Yaasin prayer book which is almost equivalent to missal or siddurim liturgical books. Usually, this prayer book is given into circulation to publics by the person who makes request for well-being and prayers from others. It consists of Yaasin surah, Tahlil (prayers to bless the departed souls and praises to the God), and guide to supplications to respect holy words of the God and prayers for prophet's well-being.The front page of the book is not in Arabic but in Classical Malay because it is written in Arabic script.

The dome of National Mosque, too huge and I am also not a skilful photographer.

Prayer hall when the event finished. We could see mihrab, minbar (place to deliver sermon), holy words calligraphy on the wall, and Quran rack.

Lil' sis and I just went out of the mosque earlier than mum and dad. We were so hungry because we still didn't have our dinner yet. I do not dare taking the food provided there too. They said that the food are the courtesy of government agencies and I could also smell fish. I and sister do not take fish, we just take large fish with scales and only if we could see the scales. At home, few people would have this habit of avoiding few types of dietary, while others still tolerate that. I don't know why it happens to me. I would vomit them out without I realize it if I take those food. I could only take chicken and mutton. I had also made the promise to leave the donated properties and zakaat (purification of property) to others who need them more. I would only take whatever people give as present and would feel bad if I touch them. 

In the first year of bachelor degree, I had followed few friends to restaurants in Sungai Dua or Khaleel at Gelugor just nearby my current hostel now. But they didn't pay for their food and they also taught me to do so. I was so surprised because I had already repented in the holy Mecca. I was so astonished that I could say nothing and remain silent thinking on how to solve that without hurting anyone's feeling because I am sure that they know the sin when committing such act. I could not behave properly after I returned to my room and began to feel disgusted of myself. I whipped my legs with my belt in my room, until I have to go to the toilet and poked out my throat to vomit everything that I had in my belly only that I feel relieved and at peace. 

This event happened during Ramadhan 2006. I think, it was around September and we break our fast with stolen food. Later, they keep doing that when we have dinner together and I payed for them when they finished without they realize that. I felt weird because that is not something that could be proud of, but maybe we were just 20 years old kids back then. 

I could not also being harsh with these kids as to respect them and not to humiliate them. They do have their nous but they just didn't get to use it properly with the light of revelation. Not all of the people having same spiritual experience and lucky to receive guidance from Allah so I always pray may Allah be merciful to everyone and also myself. I actually cried alone in Aman musalla during the times I was tormented and tested with these kind of companies while I am alone but we should also be compassionate and merciful to others. Without brethren prayers and help, nobody would ever change while they have every right for that.

Friday is a good time for salawat to be recited excessively. Because angels are everywhere sending the salawat to our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw). Recite them regularly and make it intense on Friday. Pray to Allah in any space that we have. Don't waste them because every minutes and seconds we breath, we are near to the end.  

Life is a dream, while death is the fact. Human are actually sleeping. We are awake now, and our eyes are not closed. How could we be sleeping??? This dimension of life is actually a dream because we never realize about the other dimension of life which is eternal. When our breath is taken away by the Good Lord, then only we would wake up from our sleep and facing the fact. This is a heritage of Arabian philosophy and it is very simple. We take everything good as example while we leave evil behind. Practice what had been preached by the God in Quran and practice the authentic sunnah may we be blessed with taufiq and hidayah.

Allahumma salli 'ala Muhammad wa 'ala aali Muhammad wa sahbihi ajma'in. O our Lord, send our prayers and connection to our prophet Muhammad (saw), and to his family, and to his companions. Bless also this nation of near resurrection, the muslim nations and let us be pure from evil and wickedness may Your mercy be widespread to every creatures in the universe. Sealed with prayers for peace and love, amin!!!!

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