Monday, 31 January 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011


這空間的時... 我向我們華人兄第姐妹大家恭祝一句...
心想事成, 萬事如意...!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinese brothers and sisters. Although I am not a full blood Chinese and with Arab paternal lineage but I still consider myself as apart of Chinese civilization. I grew up alongside with Chinese environment surrounded me. It might be strange and might be unusual but that is what I am now.

No matter where we are, we still aware of our cultural root. We remember the traditional values taught by Confucius. Hahaha, my mom always remind us about Confucius even when we crossed the streets when I was a little kid. Allah has created us to know each other and to appreciate everyone as they are. 

This holiday is just a week, but Chinese New Year is about 15 days. I didn't get to tidy up my room, sticking some red papers  with good luck remarks like I did with my younger sister during Chinese New Years. I have a roommate whom I believe will not tolerate a different culture because he lives in a non-multicultural area. He might feel uncomfortable in a Chinese environment, lol.

Allah bless prophet Muhammad (saw) and his family and his companions, as Allah bless prophet Ibrahim (as) and his family. Keep us in peace, ya Allah to its due time. Sealed with love to brothers and sisters.

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  1. happy new year!

    belated but 15 days celebration rite?


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